1. Provide fresh drinking water – cats need to drink a lot of water especially if they consume dry food. Even if your cat don”t eat dry food it needs at least several bows of water placed in different places in your home. Cats can become dehydrated easily when they don”t drink enough water and if their water is not clean or they don”t like their bow, they won”t drink.
  2. High quality food – cats need high quality food with a lot of meet in it. Too much dry food can also cause some digestive problems. Some people prefer to make their own cat”s food and this can become a healthy trend. Cats need meet and the commercial cat foods have a lot of carbs in them.
  3. Taurine – cats need certain food supplements if they eat commercial cat food. Cats are carnivores and need to eat meet. If your cat don”t eat meet its food must have taurine added.
  4. Brush everyday – Brushing your cat will help it remove loose hair so less hairballs will form in its digestive tract. Some cats are not happy about brushing but the cause can be something trivial like not an appropriate brush/comb or bad time of the day. If the cat is not in the mood for brushing its better to let it do what it wants and try again later when it wants petting.
  5. When you wash your cat use cat shampoo not regular ones. Baths are not fun for the cats and don”t do it very often.
  6. Provide good, stable scratching post  – Scratching posts and trees are good way for the cat to stretch, make some exercise and scratch. Cats have natural urge to scratch trees and objects, so providing one or more scratching posts can save your furniture. Most of the times cats prefer bigger scratching posts called trees that usually have cat beds in them.

  8. Keep your cats litter boxes clean – cats are clean animals and dirty litter box can affect their health negatively. Also if the cat”s litter box is not clean it can choose to go somewhere else.

  10. Choose reputable vet – not all vets are the same. As you would choose nice clinic and good doctor for your self choose good one for your pet too.



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