Natural flea controlMany people have concerns about the flea control items. Anyway fleas are a serious problem so here is several ideas for natural flea repellents.\r\n

Natural flea control for cats

Lavender Essential Oil – 1-2 diluted drops at places that are not easy to lick may help prevent flea infestation. Keep in mind that essential oils can be dangerous for cats if improperly used. Consult a specialist for better care.

Garlic – one clover freshly pressed and rubbed on the back. The cat won”t like it but the fleas won”t be happy too. And this method is mostly the safest.\r\n\r\nLemon Drops\r\nSeveral drops freshly juiced lemon can work as a flea repellent.

Flea Comb – use it to remove flea eggs while washing your cat.

Apple Cider Vinegar Spray – diluted apple cider vinegar placed in a spray bottle. Spray your cat thoroughly.

Environment control

Its very important to protect the environment around your cat from fleas.

Vacuum regularly – as simple as it seems, vacuuming the house will help you protect your cats from fleas.

Diatomaceous Earth applied in small amounts throughout the cat”s home can help protect it from fleas, cockroaches and other animals. DE is a natural product that consists of small fossilized organisms, its relatively harmless for pets and humans but its deadly for insects.’

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