Cats are crazy and fun animals and when they are healthy the life is beautiful. Here are collection of random health tips that can help you improve and keep the well-being of your cat.

Health tips for cats

Cats Health Tips

  • Feed your cat only quality food – whatever is your kitty diet – raw, cooked or commercial keep it high quality and with the necessary ingredients.
  • Watch your cats’ weight – too much food, especially too much dry food can make a cat obese and this is not healthy. Control the amount of food your cat eats and keep its weight in check regularly.
  • Brush your cat’s teeth – yes, cats need their teeth brushed but keep in mind that human toothpaste is not good for them. There are special toothpastes and other tooth health products available for cats.
  • Offer food several times per day but if you are not feeding dry foot collect and throw away uneaten food
  • Your cat must have clear drinking water at all time – offer several bowls of water in several different places of your house. For some reason cats may not like one bowl and it can cause a dehydration.  Yes, cats are strange animals.
  • Play with your cat every day. Even if you are busy with lots of work, make some time to just pet and play with your kitty
  • Provide lots of appropriate cat toys and cat tree for your cat to exercise
  • Brush your cat’s fur daily to avoid swallowing lots of hair and problems with hairballs.
  • Grow and offer appropriate cat grass
  • From time to time give cats’ multivitamins and probiotics. Probiotics are good for digestion and can prevent illness.
  • Be careful with toys that can be swallowed and become dangerous for your cat
  • Cats actually like to have friends. Consider adopting another cat so they can play when you are away.
  • Clean your cat’s litter every day – it prevents nasty smells and health hazard situatuins
  • Check if your cat uses the litter if not and it is not eating and looks ill – you will need a vet.
  • Keep in mind that some human medicine are poisonous for cats – for example aspirin. Never give aspirin to a cat.
  • Some herbs are dangerous for a cat but some are good and can be used to improve health. Echinacea is good for cats and can be used to improve its immune system. Contact your vet for exact dosage and plan.
  • If your cat is looking ill, has a discharge from its nose or diarrhea, don’t want to eat and don’t behave like normal you must bring it to a vet.
  • If you are living in a high apartment, keep your windows closed and your cat in or provide a protective net for your windows.
  • Protect against parasites – you can use natural or commercial products for flea control and vacuum regularly to protect against parasites.
  • Be ready for emergencies. You must have a first aid kit and a cage so in case of emergency, to run to a vet without delays.


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